Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Second Ride

8/14/07: Marco, Raul, Adam, Leah, Sheila. Rode to 15th and Platte on the Cherry Creek trail in the pouring rain. Thunder and lightnning surrounded us. We ate dinner and drank three bottles of wine at Pasto's Pizza. Sheila wanted a ball of dough to play with and toss.

We toasted 25 times. A 25-toast evening signifies that a rare, boisterous, and uniquely wonderful adventure is under way.

We decided to set a goal of riding a distance equivalent to riding to Tierra del Fuego. Quorum is three riders. Run miles count double, swim miles count triple. Naked miles count double (Marco thinks they should count at least triple. If arrest takes place, they count quadruple). Our motto, for now, is "always take the cot (Raul's cot)." We made a handshake--eye contactmust be maintained throughout the shake, and a hug must be given at the end.

We bought a bottle of Patron at a liquor store at Umatilla and 32nd, and took tequila toasts at Cuernavaca Park and then at the beach in front of REI. Enacted theatre of Liberation/Opression by the river at confluence park.

Estimated 5 miles each: 30 miles

When will the flying illegals ride again?


Jesus said...

I heard of this event from several sources and heard that it was one hell of a ride. This is why it actually rained and thundered so hard, these sources said. Now everytime it rains I will know why. Hope you can somehow control the weather in the winter so it won't snow as hard. Can't wait to read the next installment of "The Adventures of the Fyling Illigals"

Stay the toughest bike gang west of the Mississippi,

Jesus Orrantia

Adam said...

Hello flying illegals- and all others that will soon be joining us.

Raul and I got to talking the other day. About our ride to the Land of Fire. He did some calculations and says we can be there in less than a year. 106 miles down. over 5000 left to go. they say the first hundred are the hardest so i'm optimistic. hope you are too.

we also talked about the idea of doing a project or activity on each ride that we do. like more theatre of oppression/liberation. bringing a book of poetry and reading it to eachother at places we stop. doing a ride with the critical mass bikers (last friday of every month). putting up art around the city. big or small. what do you think? we (and anyone else) could post ideas here on the blog. and then go from there.

we also talked about making a film/documentary of our trips/ourselves. raul has at least one storyline all ready.

okay then. hope you are all doing damned glorious. when do we ride again? i say this coming week. any day.

FlyingIllegals said...

The math is wrong! The Flying Illegals rode 6 miles on this most dramatic and delicious of occasions, not 5! (Must have been that trip to the liquor store...)