Sunday, September 9, 2007

On Saturday, September the 8th, Flying Illegals Sheila, Catherine, Kevin, Marco, Adam, and Leah rode their bikes down the Cherry Creek path and North up the Platte. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the air was sweet.

The Illegals rode 11 miles for a total of 66.
The daring Crew has now traveled 177 miles toward Tierra del Fuego!

Catherine the Brave rode the toughest mount--a heavy, brooding two-wheeled fiend that threw her halfway through the ride. She persisted and conquered the beast, and will surely boast a lovely bruise for her troubles.

Adam the Strong supported, coached, and entertained, his quiet wit and daring spirit a boon to all. Sheila the Bold lent her boundless and contagious energy to the group, and taught Leah to patch a tire. Marco the Valiant set a fearless pace, keeping the Illegals inspired as well as contributing a flask of the finest $2 liquor to the journey. Kevin the Courageous brought his extraordinary intelligence, experience, and humor to this ride as he does to all of his many noble endeavors. Raul the Wise was well missed.

Captain Underpants Bry felt her heart expand riding strong with good friends on a fair day. Each ride is a new adventure, another pedal stroke toward infinite possibility.

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